About Us

Don Quester is a Management Consulting Organization.

We offer bespoke- interventions focused on significantly improving individual effectiveness and organizational performance.

Our customized solutions are focused on helping individuals, organizations and communities realize their potentials and express new possibilities.

Our solutions seek not only to improve the skills of the people but to unleash their energy, inspire active engagement, team connections and improve efficiency.

Making African Businesses Sustainable and Youths Employable.

Building Sustainable Business and Professional Legacy.

Our dynamic service providers will anticipate the unique aspirations of our esteemed partners, responding creatively with bespoke management interventions: transforming individuals, emerging business communities and delivering:

  • Increased Employability
  • Inspired Businessability
  • Infused Sustainability
  1. Community  Relationship: – We believe that true growth and sustainable team development are functions of a deep sense of community and service. We believe that the network of people in our unique communities are our most valuable connections. We therefore actively support ourselves like the colours of the Rainbow.
  2.  Excellent Mindpower: – We will develop the highest levels of competency (skills, knowledge and attitude) and encourage creativity and innovation to meet the unique needs of the community. We will develop a community of exceptional mind ability, who can conceive and deliver unique services.
  3. Legacy Integrity: – We will say what we mean, ethically do what we say, thereby developing and imprinting loyalty as a community brand.
  4. Speed of Professional Service Delivery: – We will do it right the first time paying attention to details– We believe that creativity should be driven by a sense of urgency to meet the unique needs of the community.


Our service profile covers the following;


  • Business modelling programmes.
  • Organizational performance and development.
  • Organization transition management.
  • Annual & Quarterly management retreat
  • Company strategy development.
  • Company due diligence and Intelligence reports.
  • Business plan & feasibility reports.



  • HR strategy development, HR unit structuring & tracking.
  • Job description development & review.
  • Job evaluation & design.
  • HR policy auditing & development.
  • Remuneration survey & payroll management.
  • HR metrics management.
  • Performance development.
  • Competency assessment & development.
  • Team building & team bonding retreats.
  • Management and strategy meetings coordination.
  • Talent acquisition & management.
  • Staff personal data document verification.
  • HRMS deployment and implementation.
  • Recruitment services.
  • Succession management systems.
  • Human resource unit outsourcing.


Training and development services

  • Managing self – Personal efficiency and transformation programs.
  • Managing others – Team bonding, growth and higher performance programs.
  • Managing units – Management development programs.
  • Leadership pipeline development – Succession development programs.
  • Community leadership – Community change project management programs.
  • Function specific training – Job function training for administrative roles and operation roles.


Specialized technical program –

  • Business operations based technical programs.


Community development service

  • Community youth empowerment programs.
  • Higher institution employability skills programs.
  • Secondary school accelerated learning and career talk program.
  • Performance coaching and mentoring services.
  • CV and interview clinic.
  • Women going back to work program.
  • Emotional intelligence training.
  • Employability training.
  • Executive intelligence service.
  • Job placement services.
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We want to transform your business into well-structured growth platform.

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