Don Quester Consulting Recruitment Stages

Hello, See our jobs site- for any job of your choice.

Are you interested in any of the Jobs posted by Don Quester Consulting, If yes below are the steps you have to take;

Step 1: Ensure your work experience aligns with the Job description and follow the application procedures

Step 2: Fill out our employment Application Form- and attach your CV and cover letter to the form

Step 3: If you pass the Resume screening stage, a Pre-Interview shortlisting requirement mail will be sent to you.

Step 4: Submit all requested documents.

Step 5: Pass the on-site/Virtual interviews (2-3 rounds) and Assessment Stage (test based on your application)

Step 6:  Don Quester will send the shortlisted applicant’s review to the client and the client will schedule interview for the shortlisted applicants

Step 6: Be available for a Virtual/Physical Interview with our client (1-2 rounds)

Step 7: While we await response from our client on the final selection, you are to provide Don Quester Consulting with every piece of information relevant to the job application and our client.

Step 8: If selected by our Client a Basic background check will be performed for the selected applicant and it’s appropriate that the selected applicant comply.

If you encounter any difficulty or you want to make an enquiry send a Whatapp chat to 09060370862.

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Now that you are aware of our recruitment stages, please stay tuned to our blog sites for more guides on how and what to do to Secure a job posted by Don Quester or our clients.