Key Questions To Ask At The End Of The Interview.

Often time we go for an interview and when the interview is done asking us questions, we most times may not have questions for them when they ask us “do you have any questions for us/me?”.

There are at least 5 questions you can ask any interview to further emphasize that you are the one for that job.

1. Summarize the job role and ask if there was something you left out.
Before coming to the interview, research on the job role, the job family to make sure it is the right fit for you. When you ask this question, it emphasizes you understand the direct and indirect impact of the role to the business.

2. For you, what makes this place an interesting workplace? People will often hire those they like and the best way to relate with someone is by finding what they like and how to share in that passion.

3. What are the possible challenges your organization may experience in the next three to five years?. You may go on to include a relevant factor in the country to make it more direct. This will bring the interviewer to see you as a resource, part of the team to solve the matter that may arise in the future.

4. What are some challenges do you expect the person in this position to experience.
This will help you get information that is neither written in your job description or staff handbook. It will provide you a soft landing to how to go around the workplace when you resume.

5. How will the success of the person occupying this position be measured?
This question will drill down to the most important aspect of the job and what you need to know about the job. In other words, it can mean “what do I need to do well, and what will I need to achieve in order for the manager to be happy with my performance?”

Once you have asked these questions, the interviewer will understand you in for the deal and when you receive favorable responses, you have the ticket of hitting the ground running and recording good performance in your performance evaluation.

Good luck with your next interview.
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