Learning Business Tips From The Unschooled

Learning how to do business can be from the schooled and unschooled. It depends on the individual learner.  Business growth and sustainability is about strategy and people relations. How a business relates to all stakeholders determines how long a business stays and how it grows. Learning some business tips from the unschooled has been one of our most inspiring lessons in recent time.

Ade is one of our vendors. He was introduced to us about eighteen months ago by one of our clients. We have been transacting business since then and it has been very smooth. We wonder where he learned how to do business.

I remember we missed our way the first day we went to meet him. We tried reaching his number but it was turned off. So we kept asking questions to locate his place of business. Impressively, people knew him as far as 5 kilometers away from his location. They even knew he lost his phone the previous day. Following their directions, we located him in no time.

We realized that though one may be unschooled, one can successfully do business and grow. Ade may not have had any formal education nor training, but he was remarkable the first time we met, has been remarkable over these 18 months and hence have inspired our lessons as follows.

1. His Consistency: He has been consistent in sending short, relevant weekly quotes and prayers to our whatsApp platform for these 18 months. This has subtly reminded us that we have a customer named Ade. “I am still here as your vendor.” He is the first person in our minds once we have need for that particular service. This particular characteristic is one that many businesses with trained team may find tough to maintain.

2. His Level of Customer Service and Availability: On one of our visits, he willingly agreed to leave his shop to take us to a place we bought other items. Even when we encouraged him to go back as we could manage without him, he handed us to a “trusted hand” and immediately added “please call me once you have any challenge”.

3. His Initiative: When we got another job for him but could not go to his shop, he immediately suggested to come pick up the item. Not only was he there the very next day, he  also arrived on time.

4. His Level on Honesty: He told us “I am unschooled, I have not done any business training, I don’t need to swear about this products or my services because it is authentic, and it comes from my heart. But I am willing to replace any item if there be need” And that was so. We had no complain and we had more business transactions.

Business requires both understanding and articulation to start it and grow it. Entrepreneurs must identify their strength in their business and continually horn it, while they learn and improve on the weaknesses, leverage on opportunities and protect business from possible threats.

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