The Unique Purpose of a Consultancy Relationship.

At its simplest, the purpose of a relationship can be inferred from the way it is formed. Organizations/individuals need support with tasks or projects they are unable to execute or choose not to execute internally, the consultant, therefore, provides specialist support in executing the unique tasks and projects.

In classic terms, the consultant is there to identify the challenges or gaps, clarify and create the possible process, structure or team-based intervention and execute the solutions to meet the needs of the client.

The relationship should be mutual in nature, as the consultant provides specialist service within a short period and tries to quickly close the identified gaps while improving business results, at the lowest operational cost possible and transfers knowledge, skills and increased capability to the client’s team.

The quest for effective solutions to nagging challenges and the ability to give executable professional services highlights the backdrop against which the business consultancy relationships exist. As the relationship makes effective business intervention possible short term and long, the complexities of human interactions such as communication, success, turf protection, cross-cultural misalignment, and fatigues begin to affect the focus of the interventions.  It is therefore critical to building the mechanism to effectively manage the relationships for renewal and continued higher outcomes.

At Don Quester, one of our key expressed value is the lifelong Relationships- We believe that the networks of people in our unique communities are our valuable assets and connections. We therefore actively support our stakeholders like the colors of the rainbow.


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