COMFORT ZONE? The Benefits Of Stepping Out.

The comfort zone is the space/sense of familiarity where there is no risk involvement and the closing of possibilities to the things we can do. It is also the closing of doors to unlimited abilities. Our activities and behaviors have been streamlined to a particular routine that doesn’t involve the gaining of a new level or attainment of a new height.

Agreed, no one likes to be stressed, under pressure and leave the “feel at home” zone but we lose the feel of being ecstatic when we achieve a goal, excitement at a dream being fulfilled through persistence, one more push or kick at the door of breakthrough and most especially leaving the comfort zone than being in our comfort zone doing the usual routine.

In this competitive world, those who step out of their comfort zone achieve maximum results and we stand to benefit a lot when we do.

You Need Growth-

Being stagnant is a disease and choosing to stay at that spot is the killer but to grow out of that level means leaving our comfort Zone and attempting new things that has held us back. Truth is there will be difficulty, stumbling and hurdles but the ability to rise up and start again is the growth. Keep learning and it will even reveal new ways we can achieve our goals.

Which brings us to the next benefits- Be creative.

Creativity is a gift, trying new methods to achieve a purpose. Note that not everyone will accept your method, you might face rejection but being creative has made ways for great achievements. Be unique, add your own spice and the world will embrace you for the uniqueness.

 A Gold shines brighter through the Fire.

Our Comfort zone makes us gather dusts like books left on the shelf, we become worn out and maintain the same circle of network we started out in. However, stepping out of our comfort zone makes us shine brighter when we horn our skills to the outside World. We open up ourselves to the world of possibilities.

We need to learn how to balance our work life, our skills, take risks and balance the pressure life throws at us. The comfort zone is not a place for great leaders but stepping out means a place where every willing person can spread his wings as an Eagle. Read more about changing your levels here

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