Personalised Coaching Services

So many people wonder why feedback is limited after a job opening application.

Sometimes we doubt the authenticity of the job openings or the organization.

Organizations are looking for the best and most suitable people everywhere, therefore you must position and present yourself in a way that is attractive and suitable for the role and culture of the organization.

Unemployment or non-selection for job roles are based on several personal or environmental reasons, such as limited education, depth of  experience, personality, personal exposure, CV Gaps, interview challenges and level of information.

At this point it is better to focus on the solutions rather than dwell on the challenges.

In order to overcome these challenges and more.

Don Quester Consulting has designed personalized services in the following areas for your benefits:

  • CV review and CV Writing.
  • Pre-Interview preparation and practice.
  • Career Counselling.
  • Self Confidence boosters.
  • Test and assignment practice.
  • Basic HR coaching.
  • Career or job challenges advisory.
  • Dealing with challenging bosses or jobs.

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