Turning Mistakes To Opportunities

We must have heard at one point in our lives the phrase “to err is human” true. We all make mistakes which we feel upbeat about but drowning in those mistakes is where we use more mistakes to cover up our flaws. We need to see mistakes as opportunities to be a better person. This five steps below can help out

1. Feedback from mistakes: Facing the consequences of our mistakes is clearly not the end. We need to reflect on it, the lessons learnt and how we could have done better. When we spot and change a habit we may find that other areas of our lives change for the better.

2) Responsibility: Taking responsibility for a failure is not what most people love to do but the act of doing so points out what we can do differently next time. Investigating the part we played reminds us that our choices and our actions have a huge influence on the quality of our lives.

3) Integrity: Mistakes could be a signal that our words and our actions are out of alignment. In that case, we must re-examine our intentions, reconsider our commitments, and adjust our actions.

4. Leaving comfort zone: Once a mistake has been made, rising up to the challenge or task ahead becomes an uphill task but instead of sinking, we can use the failure as evidence that we are growing, risking, and stretching to meet our potentials. Mistakes help us to remember that we are not content to play it safe. That we understand that without risk there is sometimes no reward.

5)Be a guide: How can we guide those coming behind us if we haven’t thread in that same shoes. It’s easy to listen to a once termed failure turned successful entrepreneur or coach and be inspired. This gives us opportunities to talk through what we could or would have done differently. These are powerful lessons for those around us.
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