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Don Quester Consulting practice seeks to develop start ups and SME’s into well structured growth platforms. Our team of professionals bring their mind power, integrity, accountability and solution mindedness, creating value

We are project strategists; conscious and determined to execute several projects simultaneously and delivering the desired result on time. Our projects range from short term, long term and lifelong projects with functional process tools. With great understanding of loyalty and relationship, we provide support to our esteemed clients as they become lifelong partners. Our services include:

Our HR Audit practice provides a structured approach for reviewing our clients existing HR practices to determine process gaps of excellence; measure compliance with agreed organizational requirements, highlight potential challenges and proffer real life applicable approaches of improving customer structures, processes, outputs and service delivery.

Our approach of flexibility allows us to provide a rare opportunity of thorough review, involving key stakeholders and considering underlining areas of importance to our clients’.

In considering the strategic and transactional HR processes, we provide bespoke approach to focus on key issues while focusing on clear recommendations for action, and possible implications.

Change is the only thing that is constant; this is also applicable in the good administration of any organization. Change provides opportunities for growth in the organization that embraces it.

Our change management process has brought about great impact to the people and structures of organizations we had encountered. We understand the position of every organization in the industry, thus provide tailored services to direct organizations regarding managing change.

Following our deep understanding of change management and experience with various organizations across sectors, we provide bespoke services and work with clients to manage the vision, culture change and transition in various organization.

For organizational growth and success, it is required that organizations identify and consider critical issues that will ensure star performers and the entire staff members are motivated and retained.

At Don Quester we work with you to ensure your organization retains and motivate staff members comparable to the competitors, putting into consideration the organizational financial status. We bench mark organizations and our client provides standard compensation ideas that our clients implements.

We have standard tools for data collection and as such derive required information that is suitable for review. We however make our recommendations that will lead to retaining and motivating employees.

Strategizing is a sure way of addressing critical issues in any organization as there are tight competition in the market and industry. Organizations require an updated process and information on business process, strong leadership ability, deep market understanding and awareness as well as close monitoring of the four measurement parameters of a succeeding organization; finance, customer, people and process.

Don Quester Consulting will coordinate business goal focused and global aligned management and strategy meeting that will ensure management team thinks creatively and sees possibilities in the face of challenging economy.

We provide support from the start to ensure objectives are determined, action points are taken, execution process is monitored and outcome is measured and reviewed for success.

Business processes keep evolving as the world continues to become a global village. New processes ensure that organizations match their competitors and successfully become leaders of the industry.

Don Quester Consulting unique combination of Human assets, required skills, competencies and tools will ensure your organizations’ process gaps are identified while providing well developed and focused processes with measurable tools to determine functionality.

One contributory factor to the growth and success of any business is the ability of the business to build a strong succession strategy. This practice ensures that the organizations are second to none in service delivery as the strategy focuses on developing suitable and competent people over time to climb their chosen career ladder.

In managing succession system, Don Quester considers the uniqueness and vision of her client while creating a standard competency matrix with a world class benchmark; this is used to measure the success and performance of any position thus, building a globally and sustaining succession strategy for her client.

A man’s kingdom is known from his culture; the strength of fulfilling the vision of any organization lies in the strength of the people who live out the culture of the organization.

We at Don Quester have developed real life applicable methods of ascertaining the cultural gaps in organizations and develop bespoke approaches to create best fit culture for the benefit of the team. Our people oriented and dedicated professionals ensure employees unlearn the inappropriate culture and learn the best fit culture that leads to the sustainability of the organizational vision.

It is no longer in doubt that a key factor to any successful organization is the Human Resources.

We enthusiastically consider our clients business goals and create human resource management system that allows our clients to focus on key operational challenges and business goals while we manage the entry, orientation, routine services, resourcing, development and growth of the people.

As little drops of water makes a mighty ocean; we believe that the young and growing businesses of today through the provision of excellent process and approaches becomes the admired companies in the industry tomorrow.

Our SME practice gives our customers required direction and development process as we inspire entrepreneurs to identify the motivating factor behind the birth of a business as well as the growth plans.

We are inspired by the excitement and contentment displayed by over 100 small and medium scale enterprise owners in our ability to deliver the required results through deployment of tested strategies and tools to reposition their business.

The contributory factor for continuous people growth in any organization lies in the ability to provide a structured learning and development system. This is a system that ensures the identification of specific staff needs and the provision of required methods of learning to close the identified gaps.

In our experience over the years, we have created a learning and development system in organizations, which has been implemented through an academy approach and ensures members of staff enthusiastically participate; the result of the system ensures optimal service delivery and attainment of business goals.

The leadership pipeline determines the leadership potentials and styles in an organization, measuring it against the standard leadership quotient and developing the process to funnel the required mix of leaders for the future business expansion.

Don Quester Consulting creates a system that ensures growth path for staff to become leaders in various careers in the organization. Our considerations are based on the Knowledge, Skills and Ability of every potential leader and the ability of the individual to align these for the benefit of the organization.

Identifying and retaining talents is a key challenge in the development and growth of any organization. We take pleasure in our proven ability to combine process tools, creativity and people engagement skills to identify, attract most suitable talents and deploy retention strategies for our clients.

Why we want to work with you?

We want to transform your business into well-structured growth platform.

I can’t believe your best services, indeed you’re 1st among the HR specialist. Your firm cleared away my doubts. You made me happy, i will broadcast your HR services to all my friends and former Employers. In fact, I enjoyed your Questionnaires they are very interesting & technical in responding. Thank you so much.

Olatunji Ogunnaike
Accountant, American Christian Academy

We measure candidates

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Multiple intelligence
  • kinesthetic Intelligence

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