Recruitment Practice

Recruitment Practice

Our recruitment services range from CV Bank, CV sorting, Assessment centre, Executive search, and online recruitment services. In delivering our recruitment services, we ensure selection of the most suitable candidates for our clients, supporting each new hire in settling into the new work environment, inspiring the achievement of the organizational goals.

We take these processes in recruiting the best candidates for jobs.

Our assessment center is client focused; we conduct a battery of test to assess candidates’ ability to understand, perform and to achieve required results.

Our assessment center ensures our clients are provided with the most suitable candidates that will align their personal vision to drive business goals. Our track record of assessment center successes lies with our ability to select candidates with:

  • Excellent employability skills and capacity to grow on the job.
  • Strong business ability perception to maximize opportunities for business growth.
  • In-depth industry and job position knowledge.
  • Strong sense of organizational work culture.

Considering optimal value requirements for top management position search and selection across local and regional industries. Working with our clients, Don Quester provides a systematic person Specification-Business Goals approach to search and test executive for culture and role suitability.

We pride ourselves in the testimonials of our corporate clients, of always selecting the most suitable candidates, assessing candidates with tested tools, carefully identifying required competencies and presenting only suitable candidates. We ensure our executive search practice deliver candidates with:

  • Understanding of Strategic business goals and organizational development processes.
  • Excellent visionary and communication ability to engage and drive a diverse team.
  • Functional workflow and operational process skills.
  • Understanding of business development, sales and brand positioning.

Following our core values of relationship, speed, accuracy and the need to meet clients’ project needs and timeline. Don Quester provides a convenient, an online recruitment process focused on selecting and processing successful candidates.

This practice allows our candidates apply with ease and get response on performance, while our clients have their job positions promoted to a wide array of possible applicants.  Over time, we have succeeded in selecting over 70% of our suitable candidates through our online recruitment platforms and have provided less qualified candidates with specialised services to improve their job search.

Don Quester creates this practice to help identify areas of strengths and weaknesses that each candidate will need to work on in developing required skills to excel in the workplace.

Our profiled candidates in their respective organizations achieve personal prosperity, while our corporate clients confidently compete within the industry.

We measure candidates:

  • Emotional intelligence for star performance.
  • Multiple intelligence for successful change process.
  • Visual, auditory and kinetic learning styles for improved learning strength.
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We want to transform your business into well-structured growth platform.

I can’t believe your best services, indeed you’re 1st among the HR specialist. Your firm cleared away my doubts. You made me happy, i will broadcast your HR services to all my friends and former Employers. In fact, I enjoyed your Questionnaires they are very interesting & technical in responding. Thank you so much.

Olatunji Ogunnaike
Accountant, American Christian Academy

We measure candidates

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Multiple intelligence
  • kinesthetic Intelligence

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