Training and Development Practice

Training and Development Practice

Don Quester provides a wide range of training services that ensure we inspire individuals and organizations to creatively attain their desired goals. Based on our understanding of people, growth and learning style, we have ensured our training system is divided into practical, interactive, case study, information gathering and sharing sessions to suit various participant’s learning style and agility.

We facilitate the following learning programs and more.

Don Quester’s passion in contributing to covering the skills gap in the present labour market, motivates us to organize live transforming job readiness training for unemployed and underemployed; our passionate and committed facilitators use this program to express themselves by teaching participants the basic skills needed to get employed, keep the job and grow along a career path.

We have over the past five years trained more than five thousand 5000 Nigerian youths in Lagos, Imo, Edo, Ogun and Enugu States respectively; our participants are provided with the right information ensuring up to seventy percent of them excel during interviews and get their desired jobs.

We are encouraged to continue our job readiness training as we see our participants’ position themselves as high flyers in their respective organizations. We ensure our participants have the ability to:

  • Develop standard CV preparation skills for interviewer’s attention.
  • Understand key employer’s expectation of new employees at work assumption.
  • Gain knowledge, skills and abilities appropriate for the workplace.
  • Gain 21st century globally competitive skills for international jobs.
  • Understand how to align personal vision with that of the organization.

Following our quest for improvement and positive economic change, Don Quester creates the Businessability program which focuses on imbibing in people and communities the benefits of structured SME.

We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate business enthusiasm, increase passion for business excellence; our ability to provide focused guidance for developing business plans and effectively sustaining those ideas to succeed and blossom in the chosen industry.

This program ensures participants become well-rounded as regards:

  • Writing a thoughtful and economic focused business plan.
  • Learning the risk analysis of business as regards location, prizing, economic changes and other pertinent factors.
  • Becoming innovative to create service uniqueness and business visibility.
  • Proactively positioning business to respond to challenges while making required profit.
  • Developing required attitude and professionalism for business altitude.

As Don Quester identified the challenges of mothers going back to work, we have systematically created a bespoke training program that will keep them on track, ensuring they become top performers and deliver the required results at their various workplaces.

Through our believe in high performance and success in delivering our vision we have a track record of participants who have made remarkable difference in the respective units and place of work as a whole.

Our individual participants have gained extreme passion and confidence for their job functions as they are taken through the process of:

  • Understanding how to make a difference in the workplace as working mothers.
  • Enhancing your level of confidence and employability rate to deliver better results.
  • Gaining the ability to improve your skills for increased productivity.
  • Maintaining excellent work-life balance for family and work success.

Our insightful mind power and focused customer delight approach ensures we provide productivity improvement training programs that will enhance employee productivity and transform the organization at large.

Our engaged team aligns business goals, personality types, and job descriptions of individuals to organizational needs ensuring delivery of bespoke training programs with visible impact on work output.

We pride ourselves with the understanding our participants receive as we ensure they are able to:

  • Identify and harness their marketable skills for productivity in their organization.
  • Redefine themselves for business and career growth.
  • Understand business and ethics for increasing business opportunity.
  • Understand the business goal for optimal business performance.

At Don Quester we believe in impacting and transforming individuals even in the shortest time; we fully engage our short term interns in Human Resource Management practices.

Our professional and high performance driven facilitators take our interns through the program to ensure they are groomed to become excellent HR support staff, organisational change agents and strategic thinkers.

Our program ensures: the interns have foundational knowledge of HR, research into the background HR literature, experience hands-on HR processes and specialised projects.

Why we want to work with you?

We want to transform your business into well-structured growth platform.

I can’t believe your best services, indeed you’re 1st among the HR specialist. Your firm cleared away my doubts. You made me happy, i will broadcast your HR services to all my friends and former Employers. In fact, I enjoyed your Questionnaires they are very interesting & technical in responding. Thank you so much.

Olatunji Ogunnaike
Accountant, American Christian Academy

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