Becoming a Competent Learner

The pace of change is rapid therefore we all need to be able to monitor the wider environment and anticipate change and this calls for advanced learning skills.

It’s not just managers who need to be good at learning, all employees, from the CEO to bottom scale new hire are meant to get on the path of continuous learning.

Garrat (1990) says learning is central to the survival and growth of all organizations, therefore if any organization is to survive and have a chance of growing then it’s rate of learning has to be equal to, or greater than, the rate of change in the external environment.

We all learn in different ways, and as such we need to be aware of our learning strengths and preferences in order to become a competent learner.

There are several practical steps that you can take to become a Competent Learner:

 Below are some tips to aid your learning;

  1. Get to know yourself by reflecting on your experiences of learning
  1. Reflect on things or people that have helped you to learn in the past.
  1.  Try out other approaches of learning you have not used. For instance you could try learning in a practical way, learning from visual stimuli or learning by speaking and listening.
  2.  Talk to other people about how they learn.

We are all influenced by our past experiences of learning- at school and elsewhere. Reflecting on your strength of learning helps you plan better for future learning.

In all continuous learning is crucial to achieving success.

Culled from Managing Yourself by Elsevier

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