Celebrating Women – A Beautiful Creation

Sitting in my room today, my mind ran through so many things, but “Women; Beautiful Creation” stayed for a long time.  I remember all the great feats and beautiful creation of women I have come across in the past few years, as my heart beats for these beautiful creations, my pen and paper responds in consonance, celebrating Women: Beautiful Creation.

Women; Beautiful Creation

Woman!, What will the world be without the woman?

Imagine babies without who they can suckle

Or husbands without a bosom of comfort

Imagine a world without true friendship,

Or a world where you are not challenged, by the unique divergence


A gift to mankind she is

Unique fragrance she is to her man.

A point of light she is to those she births and leads

Amazing and worthy friend she is

A true solider and fortress she is, in the eyes of those who see her as such


Woman! She deserves respect, love, care and honor

As she goes about her enterprise

That which her Christ has given her

She births, she nurtures, she grooms

Her work is with extreme passion


Her heart is filled with fierce love

She exudes warm embrace and compassion

Her steps, energetic and intentional

While her anger is to chastise for good

Not for fear, nor destruction


Show me a true woman and I will tell you her vision.

Her love is endless, like her Christ, she loves.

She shares her mantra of superior character  with all

Prepare for tomorrow, make for good

Live for love and give an olive branch


She’s love, she’s peace, she’s candor

She’s war. She’s fierce. She’s fear.

Touch her not where she pleads not to be touched.

Fan her more, when she smiles and says “Aaa haa”

Let her praise come, for her battle seem easy, yet so tasking


Woman! Wonderful, outstanding,

Meek, adorable, nurturing

A breath of fresh air she is; A jar of sweetness to taste

Today and always I celebrate

Woman,  a creation of a kind

Smart Working Woman
Smart Working Woman

Dedicated to all the “True” Women Around The World

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