Emotional intelligence – Impact on career success

Emotional intelligence can be referred to as the ability to understand, direct and maximize one’s emotions in a positive manner.

An individual is said to be emotionally intelligent when he or she is able to communicate effectively, manage stress, understand and share the feelings of others and  successful deal with a problem or difficulty without making a big deal out of it.

There are challenges on the way to achieving  career  success but  how you address such challenges determines your progress. 

Emotional intelligence makes life and work more satisfying and it facilitates a stable and balanced life as you progress in your career.

Below are 5  ways to improve your emotional smartness;

5 Ways to improve emotional intelligence for career success

1. Maintain a positive and progressive attitude towards everything, keep discussing and moving forward.

2. Identify your strength and weaknesses, realize the impact on you and people around you.

3.Be realistic in all you do understand the challenges of expectations and disappointments.

4. Be open to new ideas and do not lockdown your mind to only one process. Do not allow social media control your emotions and your life. Develop a personal plan of action for your future.

5. Think through your words, tone and actions  before responding. Deescalate the stress and tension.

Remain focused on the planned outcomes.

Emotional intelligence is essential for career success and growth.

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