New Week, New Ability

Life offers you so many doors, its up to you which to open and which to close. As we start a new week, ask yourself the following questions Using the 5W’s and H framework;

  • What do I need /want to achieve this new week? What skills are required for my new week target?
  • Where are gaps in the understanding or uncertainty about my new week target and expected result? Where can i learn the new skills required?
  • Who are the key people i need to work with to achieve my new week target?
  • How will my work be broken down into obtainable segments? How can my team be utilized to reach the goal?
  • Why do i need to achieve my new week target?

Our ability to answer these questions objectively, implement and follow up with the week targets, results into a productive week.

Happy New Week. Open the doors of new ability today and develop new ability for the week!!!