Strategic Teams

Strategic teams represent collection of skilled and well matched talented individuals harnessed to work beyond simple and useful improvements to achieve broader strategic goals of the organization.

They are also group of experts briefed to achieve significant change on projects.

These group of individuals are involved in the following;

1. Leadership and direction of organizations.

2. Building closer relationship with customers and stakeholders so that the needs of the market can be met.

3. Set vital Objectives and goals for the organization.

4. Developing and monitoring set strategies and special projects for the organization.

These teams discuss strategies on risk management or trouble shoots when a, particular one-off problem occurs.

Characteristics of a strategic team member

1. They are experts in their field.

2. They are experienced because they are built on diverse experiences.

3. They are proactive.

4. They are committed to every assigned projects.

6. They have good interpersonal skills, respect individual uniqueness and influence others effectively.

7. They are organized.

Are you in the strategy team?

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