Working from home and its challenges.

Working from home has been a trend in developed countries and in recent times, developing countries are beginning to adopt this system.

Working from home is a system that makes work more flexible and accessible; it entails a lot of discipline, dedication and self-control.

There are several challenges one can encounter while working from home, for instance our inability to be disciplined and dedicated could pose a challenge to achieving success while working from home.

Here are four challenges:

1. Distraction and interruption: Whenever you’re not within your confined workspace, the tendency to be distracted and interrupted becomes higher. Distraction could come from you, your family, housemate and gadgets.

These distractions and interruptions affect your productivity level.

 It takes a lot of self-discipline to avoid distractions at home.

2. Isolation: Due to the priority attributed to your work, you tend to isolate yourself in order to achieve the best.

Isolating yourself to achieve the best is not the challenge but when it is continuous it can lead to other mental or emotional challenges.

3. Limited equipment and resources: Working from home limits your access to equipment that will aid smooth functioning of your set task.

4. Type of job: working from home cannot accommodate all kinds of job; not all job can be done remotely.

So what are the pros and cons for the staff and organization? Share your thoughts with usHow your organization can support remote and flexible work structures

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