Working from Home

Due to the changing times, many people are more likely to work from home.

Below are some effective tips for working from home in order to be more  productive;

1. Create a Schedule- Have a clear and well structured guideline of your daily plan. Create a to do list, set strict time frame and stick to it. Connect with the office team online and be proactive.

2. Create a workspace- Dedicate a specific room or surface in your home to work and make it formal, create a sense of work occasion.

Don’t  just set your work equipment anywhere.

Creating  a workspace reduces distractions and makes you focus better and determined.

3.Make a budget for home office equipment- Request for the equipment you need that will aid you  to work effectively and comfortably.

This equipment may include laptop, keyboard, mouse, chair and printer.

Endeavour to make such request early,  to avoid delay in executing your work.

4. Develop a routine- Develop a morning routine and closing hours routine.

Morning routine has to do with you taking your bath,eating and Breakfast. it also as to deal with you dressing Smart as if you were going to the office.

End of the day routine, with closing protocols such as saving your work and shutting down your laptop and turning off other equipment. It also involves sending your daily reports.

5. Check-in with your co-workers frequently-  Make it a point to contact  your co-workers. Send in your progress report in order for them to track if you are actually working.

Stay safe this period and maintain social distancing.

Happy weekend.

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